Coastal Cleaning Tips For Your Home

Seafood and Smells – To rid your hands and surfaces in the home of seafood smell after eating crab, shrimp or oysters use lemon to squelch the stench.  Be careful though, lemon is an acid and should not be used on granite or stone surfaces.

Sand on Floors – I wish there were a “sand away” cure but there really isn’t except prevention.  Kick off your shoes before entering the house because sand on the soles can permanently scratch your tile and wood floors.  And have your carpets vacuumed and cleaned regularly because sand in the fibers will wear your carpet down much faster.
















Ant Deterrent – Warmer clients can be beautiful, but also may be a haven for bugs.  If you find the annual marching of the ants in your kitchen, place garlic cloves on food surfaces and garbage areas to detract them.  Place enough and it may get rid of your neighbors too!

Microwave – When you are on the go to get to the beach your microwave may be your CEO of the kitchen.  For those stubborn splatters in the microwave (especially on the top) just put 8 ounces of water in a mug, and heat on high for 5 minutes and it wipes right off.



Pet Hair – Fido wants to be comfy too, especially on your new couch.  The best way to remove pet hair from sofas and chairs is to dampen a sponge or towel, and just wipe the fur away! Or you might try rubbing the surface with rubber gloves on. That works too.

Showers Fresh Everyday – Want to keep your shower fresh between cleanings?  Keep a spray bottle of vinegar and water in the shower and spritz it down after every use.  Those of you who are owners of slate, granite or stone will have to add a neutral dish soap so the acid in the vinegar does not etch.  If your shower curtain has mildew and soap film on it, just throw it in the washer, rings and all. Use the gentle cycle with a little bleach and detergent, and hang it back up to dry.

Tar on the Car: Want your car to look good cruising the strip?  Make a paste of Baking Soda, apply gently with a sponge, and tar will come right off!

Of course, with all of our hints you’ll need to test your surface in a small unobtrusive area first.  Happy cleaning!

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